The sudden impact of the power outage in Venezuela that effects the economy of a famous online computer game

The Kebos Lowlands

Since Xeric’s Age of Strife, multitudes of his Lizardmen have endeavored to recover Great Kourend out of appreciation for their previous ruler. These Lizardmen make their home in the Kebos Lowlands toward the west of Kourend. The Lizardmen will safeguard their...
RuneScape Mobile Members Beta!

RuneScape Mobile Members Beta!

From today you can play the RuneScape Mobile beta versions. Members only. The first version of the game is still in beta. That means you will encounter bugs. OSRS Mobile is still under active development. Players who participate in the closed members only beta will...
8 things about the new Runescape Mobile (OSRS M)

Things to do in Old School RuneScape Mobile

Jagex has promised the same experience as you are used to on the desktop version of the game. They have gone to great length to duplicate a lot of quests, worlds and graphics to the OSRS Mobile version of the game. In this blog we will take a look at things you can do...

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