From today you can play the RuneScape Mobile beta versions. Members only. The first version of the game is still in beta. That means you will encounter bugs. OSRS Mobile is still under active development. Players who participate in the closed members only beta will provide feedback to Jagex. There are currently only a limited number of installs available. This means people who install first, come first. You can check the social channels of Jagex and Old School RuneScape to check if (and when) there are more installs available. The game will be out of beta, and available for everyone to enjoy from the 30th of October.

What does the beta offer?

Take the world of Gielinor wherever you go. The amazing RuneScape world now fits in your pocket. Players who participate in the beta can get the full RS experience they know and became to love over the years. The interface is newly designed for mobile phones and can be played cross platform. If you play on the train on your mobile phone, you can continue to play on the PC right where you left off.

Delce into the dungeons of Daemonheim on the train, bus or any other location. Slay your way through the tough Slayer Tower on a work break or try to get the fishing skill to level 99 while waiting in line at a Starbucks.

Data usage

The game is recommend to be played with a stable Wi-Fi connection. The game caches a large file (about 3GB).


The mobile version of the famous RuneScape game has new controls designed for smartphones. A few of the new controls:


  • Tap to interact with your character. Tapping can also move your character
  • Press and drag with one finger for advanced camera controls
  • Pinch with your fingers to zoom the camera
  • Tap and hold for a short time to open the RuneScape interaction menu


  • Swipe to scrolls through the menus
  • If you want to move an item, hold and drag it across the screen
  • Check the menu and pop-ups in the game for more on the new OSRS game controls.
  • If you want to join a world that has a different language, change your mobile device language to that language and do a app-restart.

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