Since Xeric’s Age of Strife, multitudes of his Lizardmen have endeavored to recover Great Kourend out of appreciation for their previous ruler. These Lizardmen make their home in the Kebos Lowlands toward the west of Kourend. The Lizardmen will safeguard their home mercilessly and accordingly the Kebos Lowlands can be extremely hazardous to people. Notwithstanding, the individuals who will enter will discover a place that is known for some chances.


The ground shook over the land as six foreboding rocks ascended from the earth in a twirl of enchantment and rubble. The researchers of the Wizards’ Tower rushed to act and promptly started concentrate the solid masses. They immediately found a technique for controlling the vitality inside the stones and with different supernatural devices utilized it to make defensive layer with noteworthy abilities. Some would state this made significant progress too effectively. As though they knew precisely what they were doing…

Jump into Old School RuneScape’s first new aptitude by finding the shrouded combat hardware of the Wizards’ Tower and picking up knowledge into the act of Warding. There you will take in the many-sided craft of illustration Wards and directing Runic vitality to make a huge range of protection suited for Witches and Wizards.

Tune of the Elves

The legendary Elf arrangement starts with Plague City where the player character, finds the entire West side of Ardougne has been bolted under isolate by secretive figures known as the Mourners. In the wake of breaking into the city and safeguarding Elena, amid Biohazard she gives you some torment tests to have tried by a scientific expert. After finishing this assignment, you find the torment is a lie and defy King Lathas who confesses to creating this lie. He asserts this was done to shield his kin from his insidious sibling King Tyras who has been defiled by a strange Dark Lord.

You embrace the errand of liberating the entry to the elven lands with the objective of confronting King Tyras in Underground Pass, overcoming Iban en route. In Regicide, you advance back through the go into the elven lands and kill King Tyras with the assistance of Lord Iorwerth, Kind Lathas’ partner. On your approach to convey the news to King Lathas, you are incepted by Arianwyn who uncovers that it is in actuality Iorwerth and Lathas serving the Dark Lord and that they are plotting to recover Camelot.

Mourning’s End Part I

In Mourning’s End Part I you access Lletya, the revolutionary elves’ fort and meet with Arianwyn. In the wake of finding that the Mourners are mythical people from the capital city, you choose to penetrate Mourner HQ. There you gain from the head griever that their genuine activity is to keep individuals having faith in the torment. They will probably utilize the unfortunate casualties as slaves to burrow through a sanctuary with the objective of restoring the Dark Lord.

Through Mourning’s End Part II travel to the Temple of Light and explore your way through by illuminating the perplexing security framework utilizing mirrors and find the Death Altar at its end. Utilizing a charged gem, repaired for you by Eluned, you initiate the extensive precious stone at the Temple’s passageway, fixing it for an additional thousand years.

Presently the time has come to join Elena and her partners in uncovering the torment trick and beginning a transformation against King Lathas and Lord Iorwerth in Song of the Elves. The Old School Team exhibits the most up to date Grandmaster mission – finishing the game’s first since forever storyline!

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